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My Pathway of Programming

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

I have been coding since 2020. My first language was JavaScript , it was to code a Discord bot for the gaming community to access various weapon statistics in CoD mobile. I learnt how to use NoSQL databases and start making API for my bot. To further extend my knowledge, I made a npm package, which is a wrapper of my API and a lot of utility functions for coding TypeScript or JavaScript and the package have over 8000 downloads now.

After that, I started to learn Python from school and collaborate with my classmate for some tools that I could use at school computers. Moreover, I gained strong understanding of Java by coding Minecraft servers and clients, and the skills to design games. My focus then switched to Kotlin , to contribute to the LearnSpigot community by adding features to their helper bot. I get to know more about how to have better code practice and work with other people as a team.

As time goes on, I learned various techniques on how to protect & manage licenses for Java applications, and learnt to use deobfuscators to reverse engineer and crack Java applications.

Meanwhile, I tried to use Linux Operating system by using Ubuntu, I started to do more basic operations on the terminal rather than using graphical user interfaces. With the time I used Linux, I learnt more about the system, including kernels, boot loaders, windows manager and the ability to solve problems myself.

Additionally, I used more TypeScript because the type-safe feature is magnificent and I made a youtube mp4/mp3 downloader site using framework like Next.js, as well as a file uploader, URL shortener, code pastebin. The reason I made that is because I like to made my own version of programs that I normally use so that I know more about the process of it. For example I made a chrome extension to show time and play music at new tab, I can customise everything I want by that and not using others code.

Apart from that, I also went into more low level by learning to code in C . I made some simple applications for myself use, such as a CLI tool, simple game, keyboard shortcut app and a GUI app using WinAPI32. By learning C, I am able to understand how memory is managed and how to use pointers to access memory, along with how basic functions are performed behind the scene of high level languages.