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I am a college student, backend Developer from Hong Kong based in United Kingdom. I make Minecraft Mods and Plugins, a Discord bot for the CODM community, also various websites for people to use. I aim to create free, minimal and open source software for public use. Moreover, I am trying to make my own ecosystem of various softwares that all is tailor made for myself but also others and without any unnecessary features. The softwares I had made includes, paste bin, image uploader, URL shortener, shell interpreter, and more to come. Currently I am studying A levels, doing Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Phyiscs.


Programming Languages




About this website

This website is written with only HTML, CSS and JS as I want to maximise the performance of the website but without the bloated JavaScript from modern frameworks.
I wanted to use the website as a special place for my imagination, writing without the restriction from social media. The posts here will be mostly about programming and Linux.
The creation of the website is highly inspirated by BugsWriter and Eric Murphy, all credits go to them.