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Hi, I'm Night

Software developer from Hong Kong

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NG Linux 6.6-rc1 (tty1)
# Supports Syntax Highlighting
# Type 'help' for all commands



The first CODM statistics, builds and gunsmith bot for Discord users, partnered with YouTubers for accurate data


Minecraft Quality of Life mod for auction sniping and fliping, with more than 2500 downloads


Fast TUI file manager written in C, using ncurse


Minimalist note manager written in C with useful and user friendly features


Minimalistic command line password manager and a rewrite of pass in C


Lines of Code Counter


Minimalist, customizable shell written in C with syntax highlighting like a normal shell

Auth Bot

Discord Bot to verify user, allowing server owner to recover server by pulling back members

NXC File Host

ShareX server using Next.js API, to shorten URLs, upload image, paste codes, with a simple and easy to use UI


API using Next.js API Routes to serve purposes of NYX, cath npm package and discord rich presence data


npm pacakge to get data from NYX API, providing useful functions and Discord utilities with more than 6000 downloads

YT Downloader

Simple Next.js website and interface to download YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 files with URLs


Minecraft 1.19 multipurpose plugin for spigot servers with a lot of features where most modern servers have


CLI tool for base conversion for A Level students written in C

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